FIA F1BB Formula One World Championship

F1BB Formula 1 World Championships offer the most true to life Formula 1 racing in the world. The goal is to be the forerunner in online racing with as high standards as possible for both drivers as well as spectators. We drive full length races with full mechanical failures as well as full damage. Another very unique feature is the test ban were all drivers must agree to a gentleman's agreement not to test on Grand Prix circuits unless it is during the official practice sessions. This is to make things more fair and real. The league offers the highest standards in competitiveness as well as organization with well written rules and regulations as well as Stewards who always looks at incidents on and off the track. We also have a state of the art live-timing function that lets people not racing follow both the practice sessions as well as the qualifying and of course the race itself. Because of our high standards we also request high standards from our drivers so therefor people racing in this league is some of the fairest and best mannered racers there is. Welcome to F1BB Formula 1 World Championships, if you are interested in joining our growing community of racers please sign up as drivers on the main page or register on our forums, any questions will happily be answered. Welcome to the brilliant world of F1.

Practical issues

If you want to become a member, click [here] and fill out the details. It may take a day or two to process your application, so have patience. Please note that you must describe yourself and your background in simracing in order to qualify for acceptance. We reserve the right to reject applications where little or no description of the applicant is stated. Once your application is granted, please also register on our forum, and when your forum account is activated, post a little about yourself in the [League Membership Application Thread]. The reason for this somewhat extensive registration procedure is that we get plenty of forum registrations from people who only want to download the mod or tracks. Since we want to keep the mod and tracks private, access to the downloads is not connected to the forum registration. Instead, download access details are received through a private message on the forum once you have signed up for a team.

Should something still be unclear to you, please post a question in this forum:

2011 Rules

Driver behavior and disciplinary actions