Team principal press conference

xWith the new Concorde agreement in place it looks like F1 will make a grand return to the tracks just within months. Because of the whole new concept of both the cars and regulations it is expected a whole lot of racing will be done during the winter months with an end of the season coming up to June. Today a selected team principals joined up for a press conference to share their thoughts of the brand new formula.

Christian, you were last year one of the teams who still went racing, do you expect two Red Bulls already in Australia? And what are your thoughts of the season coming up?

First of all I have to say, and I think I speak for all of us here, that we are delighted this new agreement is in place. We still have a long way to go of course until we reach the levels of not just organization but racing as well that we've had in the past. A lot of lost confidence for the sport, so we need to show the public and the fans who have been more patient than we could expect, that F1 is first and foremost a sport, with people who loves racing and leave all contractual and financial business out from the track. From our point of view I expect at least one car on track, two we will have to see. Obviously we've known about this new formula for quite some time so we have made good progress with car development and should be ready come race day.

Kristoffer Holm might be the first name to sign again?

For sure, we have had a great working relationship with Kristoffer in the past so I hope we can maintain his service.

Toto, first year as executive director of Mercedes. What are your hopes and thoughts for this new season?

I have to agree with Christian, great to be back, this shouldn't happen to a sport like Formula 1 in the first place but now we need to make the most of the situation and just feel happy to go back racing, that's what it's all about really.

You have been quick and signed Hans Mörtsjö for the season.

Mercedes have worked close with Hans before, from his time in McLaren. We know he's a hard worker and I'm sure we made the right decision picking him up. The most experienced driver in the field in my book.

Claire, you have also made a quick run signing drivers, are you surprised it seems like the teams have to chase drivers than the other way around?

Of course it's a situation out of the ordinary as far as F1 teams go. But you know, with all that's been happening other racing series around the world have picked up where we left of so we need to make the most of this situation and really go for the drivers who want to come back. Anders and Rickard had a really good working relation in Toro Rosso and have been very successful in other series outside of F1 so we will for sure be more than ready. Also it feels wonderful to be the only team for now to have both seats taken.

Marco Mattiacci, you are totally new here taken over for Stefano Domenicale. How does it feel for you?

It feels good. I have not much experience but I love the team and hopefully I can maintain the good run of results we've had in the past.

Even though last season were cut short you are still counted as champions, much to live up to and how does the team fare right now?

Yeah, as you say, a strange season last year but we were still the team on top in both championships at the end of the day. I think that's the perfect way to enter this new era of F1. Kris has been contracted to Ferrari for all this time even though he has not driven other series. But we all know his calibre and are not worried we will continue to get top results.

The official launch of the cars are expected to happen by the end of October with and estimated start of the season in the middle of November. Fans around the world can give a sigh of relief as the pinnacle of motor sport is finally back.

Published 2014-08-27 by Kris Locksey | Edit