Williams Martini Racing showcase challenger and driverlineup

x Williams Martini Racing is the new official name of the Williams team with their new head sponsor. They have decided to enter the 2015 FIA Formula One Championship with their contender FW36, powered by a Mercedes engine.

Frank Williams will remain as the Team Principal but will also be assisted by his daughter Claire Williams who will be the Deputy Team Principal. With them in top positions they will also have Patrick Head, Mike O´driscoll and Patrick Symonds. The latter as Chief Technical Officer.

The Williams Mercedes FW36 is one of the most technologically advanced Formula One cars produced by Williams. It is the culmination of more than two years research and development by the team’s technical departments in Grove and it incorporates the power unit from the team’s new partner, Mercedes-Benz.

The new driver lineup will be Anders Karlsson and Rickard Widén. According to Frank and Claire they are very delighted with their lineup as both drivers know each other well since they were teammates in Torro Rosso back in 2011. "We know they will work close together to improve and develop the FW36 during the season. Our hope is to get off to a good start of the season and keep on developing from that" - Claire said.

Anders Karlsson most recently raced in Torro Rosso back in 2011 which was his rookie year. There he teamed up with Rickard. Anders learned alot during his rookie season and feels like he now is even more mature and ready for a successfull season and show the world he belongs in F1. "I hope I can give the team alot of points and good results in 2015. It´s a team with alot of success in the past and I´m really happy to be here. I´m also delighted to team up with Rickard once again" - Anders told the reporters at the unveil. His career stats so far is 14 Grand Prix with a total of 21 points."

Rickard Widén entered the sport as full time race driver in mid season 2010 in the Torro Rosso team as a rookie. He opted to stay in Torro Rosso in 2011 where he teamed up with Anders Karlsson. The 2011 season is Rickards most recent season he raced in Formula One. He is full of optimism for 2015 as he believes the car looks promising in theory. "It´s a very beautiful car so it will probably be quick aswell" - Rickard commented with a big smile. Rickard also said he was very happy and honored to race for a team with such great history and success in the past. His career stats so far is 17 Grand Prix with a total of 14 points.

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