FORMULA 1™ Grand Prix du Canada 2013

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Circuit Gilles Villenueve

Right in the middle of the Saint Lawrence river in central Montreal lies the spectacular Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. On the artificial isle "Isle Notredame" the Canadian Grand Prix sure has a marvelous location. The track itself is among the more popular tracks from the drivers point of view and traditionally it offers some fantastic racing.

The track which is named after the great Canadian Formula 1 hero Gilles Villeneuve both have more technical parts as well as one of the longest straights during the whole year. To find a perfect balance for the car is essential if you want to have success here. The first part of the lap contains narrow and tight curves where holding the line will be of utmost importance, but it is during the long straight most overtaking manouvers will take place.

Montreal, destination guide

Montreal really charms everyone who visits. The atmosphere is constantly friendly and the city comes to a grinding halt every time the circus is in town. The parties and constant feverish feelings along the Rue Ste Catherine is a must for everyone visiting.

Montreal is the second biggest city in Canada after Toronto and it is the de facto hub of everyday life in the francophonic province of Quebec. After Paris it is actually the second largest French speaking city in the world. The climate in Montreal is varied, with cold winters and hot to mild summers. The race day usually offers great warm weather and vibrant atmosphere.

The cuisine in Montreal is also worth mentioning. Italian, Greek, Portuguese and Jewish communities have contributed to the making up of Montreal's delicatessens and other restaurants. Jewish culinary contributions include the world-renowned Montreal-style smoked meat sandwiches and Montreal style bagels. Lebanese falafels and Japanese sushi have become appreciated cuisines.

For good shopping, lively nightlife and lots of Formula One excitement head to Rue Ste Catherine. It has an abundance of everything. Try out a restaurant called Le Queue du Cheval. The food’s excellent, but that's not the reason for the recommendation. In 2005, Per "Oliver" Lundstedt persuaded the restaurateur to stock his very own Blanc du Triére wine - and very good it is too. Away from Ste Catherine’s, why not take in some culture? The best galleries are the Musee Des Beaux Arts and the Musee D'Art Contemporain. Ainis Noritis acquired some modern art masterpieces on a visit to the latter.

The more expensive hotels lies close to the city center with the cheaper alternatives in the suburbs. But thanks to the excellent metro system nowhere is to far away in this great city.

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