Spanish GP: Holm takes second win of the year

xA sunny if cold day in Barcelona opened the European season. With a Caterham on pole it looked to be an exciting spectacle were top guns Locksey and Holm had to fight from behind. While Bohlin and Toro Rosso decidiong to withdraw from the race due to financial issues the stage was set for Locksey and Holm to score some vital points. But it was Mörtsjö who started in pole, a position he didn't claim since Imola 2005. And the swede got an excellent start and could open up a gap to Locksey and Holm immediately.

The duo eventually would catch Mörtsjö and on lap 3 it looked like Locksey could use his DRS on the main straight. But in a move, which a furious Locksey talked to Mörtsjö after the race about, the swedish driver seemingly unaware of the Ferrari pushed him off track and Locksey injuring his car had to limp back to the pits for his first stop and of course losing the race unless something would happen later on. Holm meanwhile could take advantage of the situation and sneak past. Holm had some issues though and while Locksey eventually came back and decreased the gap it looked like it could get interesting. But Holm had everything under command and he quite easily won in the end.

Fourth driver on track Ainis Noritis though had a tough race. Although showing decent pace his Caterham calledit quits on lap 12, seemingly from an electrical issue. Teammate Mörtsjö called it in on lap 36 with a bruised car. Holm wins the European opener ahead of Locksey. Now the circus moves to fabulous Monaco, how many will finish the race in the principality remains to be seen.

Published 2013-05-21 by Kris Locksey | Edit