FORMULA 1™ Grand Prix de Monaco 2013

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Circuit de Monaco

Often only referred to as Monte Carlo, seeing as the race takes place within the city itself, is the race everyone wants to win. The famous Monegasque Anthony Noghes first thought of the idea to host a Grand Prix race in the city, and being close friends with the ruling Grimaldi family the city offered its services in 1929. The inaugural race was won by William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti, and a legend was born within the F1 racing tracks community.

The racetrack is erected for exactly one week in May and it takes around 6 weeks to get it ready and 3 weeks to tear it down again. It has a lot of elevation points and extremely tight and twisty turns. The Grand Hotel Hairpin (former Loews hairpin) is taken at just 50 km/h and is thus the slowest corner during the entire year. Due to its extreme conditions the track premieres driver skill instead of pure car power. However overtaking is near impossible and pole position here is more important than anywhere else.

Famous drivers have claimed that to drive in Monaco is like riding a bicycle in your bathroom or flying a helicopter in your living room. Monaco certainly is a fantastic place for a Grand Prix, but the track surely is the most demanding and challenging in the world.

Monaco, destination guide

Monaco and Monte Carlo is the epitome of Formula 1 and Grand Prix racing. Glamour, speed, danger, passion and noise, you will find everything here and it is perhaps the most exciting race to follow live. Celebrities flock to the Monaco Grand Prix, lured by the fantastic drivers, excellent weather and perhaps the Casino. A city that offers over 300 days of sunshine each year truly is blessed.

A lot of drivers also call the tax paradise home. And tips from the drivers are aplenty. For a party weekend you must according to this unnamed driver; Arrive into Nice airport in the evening and go straight to the Columbus. Once you've checked in, head for dinner at the SAS cafe and, from there, head to the Amber Lounge and dance your ass off. Knackered and hungry? Head for the Tip Top bar for one of their all-night breakfasts.

In the morning, the Cafe de Paris does the best Bloody Marys around and, your hang-over cured, go to the Casino and lose whatever money you have left! A useful tip if you have a lot to spend of course.

Everyone must expect though that the closer you are to Monte Carlo itself the more expensive everything is. So it might be more prudent to stay in a small town in France and then travel to the city to watch the race. But with the Cote d'Azur just around the corner Monaco is truly a wonderful place to go and an even better place for the race.

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