Bahrain GP: Locksey wins in the desert

xIt was an interesting race at Bahrain that took place infront of a disconcerned populace in the small emirate. Only 5 cars on track but the race would nonetheless provide som exciting racing and misfortunes. Holm took the start with Locksey close by, the brit eventually claimed the lead while Holm seemed to start to struggle with his tyres. Bohlin could quickly sneak up on the swede while Locksey increased his lead. The first set of stops started already on lap 12 with Holm replacing his worn out option compounds. Bohlin and Locksey kept on going while the Caterhams had a fight of their own with Noritis driving and exemplary race while Mörtsjö on the other hand struggled with grip and quickly destroyed his tyres. A big shunt on lap 14 ended the swedes hopes for points on the day.

Up ahead Locksey made his only stop on lap 25 and Bohlin took the lead. Locksey with new tyres caught the Toro Rosso driver and could eventually pass as well, with Bohlin seemingly having no problems with his tyres at all. With Locksey in the lead the only question was if the brit would enter again to the pits or if Bohlin could catch him on fresh rubbers when he eventually entered the pits on lap 35. Unfortunately Bohlin missed his pit entry and had to make a drive through in practice. He entered the pits a lap after but the race was lost. Meanwhile Holm had picked up his pace in a major way and quickly caught up with Bohlin. Holm seemingly much faster had no problems retaking second while Locksey cruised to the finish line. Noritis eventually finishing 4th after a brilliant race for him.

Now the circus moves to Europe, it will be interesting to see if the core fan base will give the few drivers support back home in Barcelona.

Published 2013-05-05 by Kris Locksey | Edit