2013 FORMULA 1™ Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix

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Bahrain International Circuit

The Bahrain International Circuit located near Sakhir in Bahrain is perhaps the best circuit in the world. It has been awarded with the FIA Institute Centre of Excellence award and it is currently the only track on the race calendar to have this award. It was given for excellent safety, race marshal, and medical facilities; and for the high standards of technology required to maintain these institutions.

However the actual construction of the track was edged with problems. German architect Hermann Tilke was worried that the track would n´t be completed for its inaugural Grand Prix in 2004, and he asked Bernie Ecclestone if it was ok to push the race to 2005 instead. Ecclestone refused though and in the end the track was n´t fully completed for the 2004 race.

A big problem the designers faced while building and designing the track was due to its location. In the middle of the desert sand was a major problem. And it is still to this day the biggest concern for the track as winds can fill the actual circuit with sand thus making it very slippery for the drivers. But with an adhesive spray on the sand around the track the worries have been taken car of and in the process have made the Bahrain International Circuit one of the most challenging and well liked circuits in the world.

Bahrain, destination guide

Bahrain is a small archipelago nation in the Persian Gulf and also the fastest growing economy in the Arab world. With its enormous oil wealth Bahrain has come a long way in socioeconomic reforms. Currently supporting a strong middle class the country is trying to break free from its oil dependence and create a fully developed nation. This in turn has strengthened the nations tolerance and all people from different creed can find solitude here.

Sunshine is aplenty in Bahrain. With its beautiful beaches and exotic atmosphere it is a perfect place to go if you also want a holiday in your Formula 1 packed vacation. And the place to be when not in the middle of the desert watching the race is of course the capital Manama. Its literal translation is "sleeping place" but do not let this fool you. It is a bustling city with fantastic bars and several bright lights and laughs. And when you travel out to the track in the desert during the evening you can´t help to be struck over the mystique and definite arabian feel to it. It is a marvelous experience.

While in Manama you must of course see the Al Faith Mosque with its minarets it is a clear landmark in the city. Accomodations within the city is quite various. From low priced hostels to luxurious five star Hotels, Manama is the place for everyone. And if you would feel so inclined it is not far from neither Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. And many F1 personnel usually makes a short stop to Dubai while beeing in the region.

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