Chinese GP: Holm dominates affairs in China

xJust three cars on track for the race in China, but it was the three dominant drivers of the past 8 years. Kris Locksey was in pole in his Ferrari, Peter Bohlin second in the Toro Rosso with Kristoffer Holm third in his Red Bull. Locksey took the start and managed to build a small gap to Bohlin who had Holm close behind. The Red Bull and Ferrari opting for hard tyres while Bohlin drove with softs. The swede eventually managed to overtake and closed in on Locksey who were the first one to enter the pits despite having his harder compound. Bohlin followed a few laps after and chanced on the mediums to only make 1 stop during the race.

A tactic Holm seemed to mimic, Holm entered the pits on lap 29 and was looking set to drive the race with just one stop. As tyres started to degrade even faster it looked uncertain, but while Locksey and Bohlin seemed to struggle, Holm flourished and took the chequered flag in style. Locksey were second while Bohlin had to settle for third. So for the first time ever the only drivers entering a race were the only ones on the podium, a fact Bohlin joked about after claiming it also could have been the first time no drivers ever would finish a race. The trio concluded though that even though all seem to agree they are the 3 fastest drivers in Formula 1, the circus sorely misses more cars on track especially after Mörtsjös Caterham were withdrawn after his car still suffering from his Thursday crash.

Published 2013-04-14 by Kris Locksey | Edit