Chinese GP: Pole for Locksey as tyre rules change

xIt wasn't to be the most hectic qualifying ever, but it was exciting in the way that it was the first qualifying ever were the rule change to implement parc fermé rules for tyres used during the fastest run in Q3 had been put in use. It looked a bit uncertain during, especially Q3, were no one seemed to want to exit the pits first. But the drama commenced already during Q1 with a big crash for swede Mörtsjö in the Caterham. Mörtsjö lost control of his car after a quick excursion to the grass in well over 300kph on the long straight. The impact was massive and the session had to be red flagged due to safety reasons.

Q2 was nothing special and in Q3 the question really was which tyres the drivers would use. Bohlin exited the pits first with soft tyres while Noritis opted for medium and Locksey went even further with the hard compound. And that seemed to be the right choice as he claimed his first pole since Monaco 2010, a long time coming for the brit. Bohlin was 0.5 seconds behind while Noritis struggled with a difficult car, not wanting to use his DRS due to balance issues especially from the rear, nonetheless a good result for Caterham again and hopefully Mörtsjös car will be in good shape for the race.

Published 2013-04-11 by Kris Locksey | Edit