2013 FORMULA 1™ Chinese Grand Prix

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Shanghai International Circuit

The circuit in the Jiading district of Shanghai really is proof to the massive economical boost China has gone through these last few years. Constructed by famed architect Hermann Tilke the track is part of the new troika of modern circuits the calendar fills up with. Built on a swampland and cost around $450 million USD, the track took 18 months to erect and is today one of the finest pieces of modern architecture in the world.

The track is designed to form the Chinese sign of "shang" which also is the first syllable in Shanghai, it means 'above' or 'ascend'. It also has a great grandstand and offers the longest straight on the formula 1 calendar. But because of the high degree of variation cars must also turn into corners good so a good mix between good top speed and grip is essential here.

Generally very well liked amongst the drivers. This fine track offers a huge challenge as some lines are very difficult to nail perfectly. The first corner with multiple apexes are perhaps the best example and also proves Tilke's genius as a track architect.

Shanghai, destination guide

China's economics are growing rapidly and nowhere in all of this vast country is this more apparent than its biggest city of Shanghai. Having grown from a coastal provincial city famous for its outlaws and pirates to one of the most important economical hubs in Asia and indeed China itself. The high rising buildings are architectural masterpieces and proof of the general well being this city currently enjoys.

Extravagance in a communist wrapping is indeed something which might not ring true to some but not only the buildings in the city should be measured when it comes down to infrastructural developments. Beijing will get the Olympics but Shanghai have the Shanghai International Circuit and that is indeed a fine feature of this sprawling city.

Shanghai today offers its tourists almost as much as Tokyo but the Chinese roots are still there. Take a stroll down many of the smaller streets where the scent of fresh made food is all around. Take a stroll down to the harbor and see all the Chinese ships come in with fresh caught fish or see the great Confucian temples littered in the Shanghai area. If you are more interested in a luxurious vacation then don`t worry. Shanghai can offer you this as well. The Bund district is the Mecca of westernized luxury and shopping and is the de-facto center of the city. Hotels restaurants, everything come five star in Bund.

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