Malaysian GP: Locksey wins tyre drama

xWith Australia fresh in mind the question on everyones mind was again tyre wear. The press conferences ahead of the race were riddled with concerns about excessive tyre wear, the drivers thought some would only last 5 laps with many pit stops to follow. The race start would be equally dramatic with a torrid rain postponing the start 35 minutes. With green lights on it was Kristoffer Holm who took the lead after both Mörtsjö and Locksey making mistakes letting the Swede go by. Australia winner Bohlin also had some exciting first laps with close encounters with the Caterhams setting his plans of winning the race a far ways back while Locksey and Holm pulling away.

The leading duo though had problems of their own. With heavy cars the tyres were again becoming the main lead in the drama playing out. While Bohlins Toro Rosso still seemingly beeing very kind to the tyres he managed to take the lead while Holm and Locksey had to pit early. Lockseys miserable race kept on as the brit seemed to look very uncofortable with his cars and the tyres. Making still more mistakes while Bohlin and Holm kept on making good times in the lead. Further down the Caterhams swapped places with Mörtsjö taking over 4th from Ainis Noritis.

With the race clearly in control disaster struck Bohlin on lap 27. His engine gave up putting him out of the race and also the points. Now it looked like Holm would win with ease but after even more mistakes from Holm and Locksey putting in some consistant times the gap closed, and when Holm made a double pit stop the brit took the lead and held it to the end in a very unlikely scenario. The Ferrari looked better in the end with tyre wear seemingly much less than the beginning.

Mörtsjö inherited third with Noritis taking a good 4th and a massive points tally for Caterham. Holm took second while Locksey won for the second time in Malaysia, last time was in 2006.

Published 2013-03-24 by Kris Locksey | Edit