Australian GP: Race press conference


We have with us the top 3 for todays Australian Grand Prix. Winning a fantastic race for Toro Rosso, Peter Bohlin. Second for Ferrari, Kris Locksey and scoring a great third for Caterham, Hans Mörtsjö.

Everyone held Ferrari as the big favourites yet you prove everyone wrong and give your old team something to think about, feeling right now?

PB: It feels quite good to be back racing again after a season that never happened last year. The preseason hasn't been the best so it was important to get some mileage and long runs in today, to come out on top was a big bonus of course but it's yet to be seen if we are on the pace. Today showed that we were on top of strategy and didn't make any big mistakes.

Obviously a somewhat chaotic race, but you seemed to have had no problems whatsoever today?

PB: Actually no, I could follow the Ferraris from the line as Kristoffer was stationary on the grid, Kris spun off at Turn 3 so I found myself a couple of seconds behind Reiko. Reeled him in and after some laps I got close and had a chance to use the DRS but as he run wide in the penultimate corner I could get pass him before the final corner and use the DRS to pull away from him, he followed me for some laps but then he disappeared. Then I was all by myself trying to maintain focus and handle the tyres to make my strategy work. From practice we learned that it was going to be close with the wear but as we have seen during previous seasons the opponents often wear them out a bit quicker so it was bound to play in our favour. Afterwards I've learned that there was quite a lot of accidents happening today but luckily none happened to me except for going a bit wide in the first corner once in the first half of the race.

Rumours already put you back with the Red Bull team, something you can deny or confirm?

PB: I already do drive for them, the Italian Red Bull. We'll see what happens, I just wish my teammate Stefan all the best in his recover from injury.

Kris, second in qualifying and second today, tell us about the race?

KL: The race? Oh you mean the destruction derby haha? I can't believe to be sitting here right now actually, by all that is logical my car should have been trashed 2 hours ago. Really it was a strange race, Imola 2005 comes to mind with cars spinning everywhere, crashing all the time and drivers generally looking like utter idiots.

But still 18 points?

KL: Sure, 18 points is good. But truthfully I can't really focus on that now. First of, great to be back but I had a quick talk with Kristoffer afterwards and he just laughed about his accident, really this race felt so strange, almost like a big crazy experiment going horribly wrong haha.

Expecting different things for Malaysia?

KL: Yeah I think so. We have some major upgrades coming, things should look more normal I think, hopefully we can get all other teams back on track as well. And finally congrats to Peter, he was outstanding today, also very nice to see Hasse back here, he's earned it.

First of all a big welcome back to the podium press conference Hans. Kris mentioned the race looked like Imola 2005, a race you won. Do you feel the same?

HM: Thanks! It was nice to finally bring some cheers to the team. Not to mention personally as it has been too long! Yeah I did draw some paralells from that beautiful day at Imola '05 as there were some major similarities. Staying out of trouble and benefit from other's misfortunes. Although I think it would've been funnier if I was the winner of this race and not Peppe (laughter). I have to thank the team for this result. Its their hard work that I payed a good tribute to!

The car looked fast at times and a bit unstable during the next, can you explain why? And how much does this mean to the team you think?

HM: I think that has to be mainly due to the tyres. They are unpredictible and Im no big fan of these kind of surprises. I dont want to criticize Pirelli though; it is what it is. I had some major overheat on my front tyres and the car lost grip. I suppose its an area we really need to look at. But apart form that I enjoyed the car today and was able to keep a good pace at time. I dont think the team are unhappy though...

Moving on to Malaysia, do you think your current form will continue?

HM: I cant see any reasons why we shouldn't keep this up. We have made some serious improvements and it can only get better. I want to find a better consistency but I suppose a racing driver is never happy. Well.. I am happy!

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